You've heard enough from me... But what do others have to say?

I've been fortunate enough to receive reviews from my clients about my speaking, workshops, and consulting. I've also appreciated reviews from my readers and listeners. Here's what they have to say:


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The presentation was full of actionable client relation tips. I particularly liked thinking of our clients as our audience to try and do whatever it takes to create a standing ovation.
Chris Dreyer

Amazing, Simple, quick to implement ideas… walked away with value and great ideas.

Marty McDonald
Bad Rhino

Joey lays out a compelling argument as to why you can differentiate your agency from the rest by communicating with your client right after they sign with you. There are six tools you can use to solidify your new relationship, and Joey gives great examples on how to use them.

Jim Hammerel
Xtropy Web Marketing, LLC

Mr. Coleman was very entertaining while presenting extremely relevant information.

Randy Stromley
Regional Director
Wells Fargo

Engaging. It helped put into words and steps how to think about the customer differently.

Tammy Mahaffey
Darden Restaurants

Joey was full of energy and really understood his audience.

Kevin Gaede
Tax Director
Kent Organization

It was the best keynote presentation I have ever attended. Joey was high energy and gave us real life actionable steps to take to care for our customers.

Sondi Johnson
Wells Fargo

Joey was very engaging from the start of his presentation. He combined both thought provoking questions as well as comical realities! Joey made me think about the customers we already have, that we want to keep, in a different way. Overall I loved Joey’s presentation and his manner of delivery.

Lisa Miller
Sr. Manager

Fun, enthusiastic and interesting.Gives a person a new perspective on how to treat clients.


Joey kept the audience engaged and I was able to see how I could use his approach with my “customers” (business users).


Very good presentation.

Anthony Angulo
Solution Architect
Globe Life

Nicely paced with good real world examples and engaging speaking style.

Ron Cagenello
Technical Director

Passionate and high energy. He will make you think and consider what you can do to be better.

John Hayden
Director of Experience

I found value in the breakdown of each step of a user’s journey, and the examples of brands that do it well. I get that consumers love free stuff, but felt there was too much emphasis on presents. I would also love for my company to step away from putting their logo on everything.

Kari Fellers
Head of Digital Experience and Design

Extremely dynamic and engaging. Definitely a game changing presentation!

Louis Major
Chief Information Officer and Business Development

The presentation was amazing, one of the best I’ve ever seen. As a young leader in the Client Relations Industry, it was refreshing to hear this presentation.

Pierre-Paul Lavigne
Director, Client Relations

Crisp presentation how to maintain customer relation and how to increase customer satisfaction.

Heiko Pitzer
Senior Manager
Capgemini Financial Services

Captivating, honest and clearly understanding the importance of the customer.I loved the energy, the delivery and the content. A true keynote!

Matthew Rozek
Director, Global CSO

Energetic and compelling. Cut through the noise to make a powerful case for complete focus on exceeding customer expectations… after the sale is closed.

Rob Britten
Director of Technical Services

Joey was dynamic and engaging while sharing his stories with the group. Learning about the best and most successful ways to engage an audience of customers and keep their business gave me hope to work towards the best in my company. I left his presentation feeling motivated to really make a difference.

Donna Carter
IT Product Leader