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For almost 20 years I’ve helped companies keep their customers. Now I want to help you do the same.

Filled with forty-six case studies ranging from solopreneurs to global juggernauts, I’ll show you specific tools and strategies you can apply to your business to create remarkable customer experiences and keep your customers coming back for more.

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What People are Saying

This book is simply outstanding. I first heard Joey on The Learning Leader podcast. We then read the book as a management team and have rolled the book out to all 70 of our teammates internally. It is now part of our welcome packet for new employees given how practical and relevant the tips are.
Ryan S.
Amazon Review

I know that the information I’ve learned from this book is going to help my business as soon as I apply it. And I’m excited to get started on several of the new strategies! Thank you, Joey.

Audible Review

Thank you for an incredible insight into keeping my clients for a long time. highly recommend this book for all business owners.

R Slee
Audible Review

For any business person or person who likes to have meaningful connection with others, this book is pheeeeenomenal. I’m so excited to plug these ideas into my business! 10/10.

Hayley Parker
Amazon Review

I’ve read this book a few times. As a leader of a Customer Success team, this has been invaluable. So much so, that this is mandatory reading for all on my team. We’ve used the insights provided in the book to help shape and guide our internal practices. And it’s making a real difference.

Jon Speer
Amazon Review

Amazing book. Changed my outlook on gifts…..great for any business! Also great suggestions on books to read when you are done.

Sabrina Kelsey
Audible Review

I was first introduced to Joey’s work through Jayson Gainards’ podcast. I thought. “Wow, this guy really knows his stuff”, branding is a weakness of mine so I reached out to see if he had his ideas published to learn more. I hope Joey doesn’t mind posting his response, as it relates to the story. Most people ignore cold emails or only respond if the inbound to make a sale. I didn’t feel neglected. That is what this book is about. You lose customers because they feel neglected in some way. Obviously, I bought the Audiobook and became a customer, but this book is genius relatable to small business owners, service providers, Entrepreneurs, tech startups, and even ‘growth hackers’ like myself who often look at quantitative data to make decisions, instead of the ‘mid-funnel/hot” customers who have already been acquired. Joey will teach you a systematic process to create a customer experience within 100 days, and he breaks down these into 8 phases models. Mind you- I have a degree … I have started numerous business … I have certifications.I’ve learned more from this book about the customer experience then 15+ years of combined. So if you’re skimming through the reviews, still thinking of a kick ass book to read, give this one a shot, you won’t regret it!

Hunter Hard
Amazon, Kindle

I was reading this book with a group at work that would meet weekly to discuss a chapter. Joey outlines his theories and processes in an easily digestible way, and provides real life concrete examples. He also went above and beyond and actually had a life video conference with our group!!

Max Kaplan
Amazon Review

Joey Coleman has a passion for keeping customers happy, and you can really feel it in this book. He goes over many tactics with examples and case studies on how to keep customers happy and keep them ordering your products or staying on your subscriptions. Highly recommend this book.

Audible Review

Lots of great info and put together very well. Hope to utilize it all soon! Thank you!

Audible Review