The Missing Ingredient You Need to Reimagine or Refresh Your Customers’ Experience

Your brand experience already exists - we just need to better identify and shape it. Working together, we will develop a First 100 Days® strategy and plan designed to create remarkable experiences across the customer journey. The typical business Joey works with sees an increase in profits of 25-100% and an increase in customer referrals of more than 30%. Our engagement will give you a proven road map for turning average customers into lifelong fans.

Keep More Money

One client reduced refund rates from the industry-standard 20 percent to 2.9 percent - increasing profits by $264,939.82.

Stop the Bleeding

A service business client was loosing a customer every ten days. Since adopting Joey's methodology, they haven't lost a customer in over 23 months!

Drive More Referrals

The referral campaign Joey co-created with a client produced 3X as many new customers as any previous effort.

What Your Team Gets

Whether you refer to them as customer service reps, call center agents, or account managers – the individuals in regular contact with your customers are vital to your success.

Most customer-facing teams rarely have time to catch their breath, let alone examine their practices and procedures for delighting your customers.

Joey helps your team embrace the best parts of customer experience, while at the same time reinvigorating their commitment and recharging their enthusiasm.

Joey will assess your current practices, help your team build touchpoint and customer journey maps, and then work to create enhanced interactions that take into account the people and resources you can commit.


What Your Leadership Gets

In order to build an organization known for its customer experience, the leadership and senior management teams must be fully committed to the endeavor.

Working with your leadership, Joey will make the business case for why committing to remarkable experiences strengthens your bottom line and increases retention.

Joey will help you strategize and coordinate efforts to make sure that remarkable customer experiences occur across the entire enterprise.

Whether leading off-site retreats or resolving inter-departmental turf wars, Joey works with your leadership team to make sure everyone is on the same page. His philosophy and methodology takes the best parts of each department and combines them into an efficient, effective, and remarkable customer experience.

What Your Company Gets

Responsibility for the customer experience isn’t limited to just the individuals and departments that most frequently interact with customers.

A true commitment to remarkable experiences includes the entire organization and engages them in co-creating a strategy and plan for execution.

Working with your entire team, Joey will build internal buy-in and lead your team in the co-creation of a remarkable customer journey.

Collaborating with your team makes the organizational and individual commitment deeper and more lasting. Internal champions are identified and empowered to manage and enhance the experience in the future.

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After working with Joey, we have a clearer vision of where we want to be and next steps to help us get there.

- Christopher Abts, President, Cornerstone Retirement Group, Inc.

How Much It Costs

When it comes to consultants, most aren’t willing to even estimate the investment without “setting up a phone call to learn more about your challenges and what keeps you up at night.” This drives Joey crazy.

Since Joey is all about the customer experience – and in this case you (the website visitor) are the customer, he wants to give you what you’re looking for without requiring a phone call to even find out if you’re in the ballpark.

While every engagement is different and the pricing depends on a number of factors, Joey’s usual consulting engagement starts at $40,000 and increases based on the complexity and duration of the engagement.

If you want some more specifics on the investment for your event, it’s best to contact us and we’ll be able to discuss the deliverables and overall investment in an initial 20-30 minute call.

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After launching four websites and three brands, working with Joey to design our customer journey made this the most interesting and fun launch by far.

We went deep to understand our customer and what they wanted - maximizing the customer experience.

- Satya Twena, CEO and Creative Director, Sol a Mer